cage the neanderthal

There can be tremendous pressure to perform when confronted with the expectation that your leadership development is the solution.
It’s frustrating when others fail to take the initiative, work as hard as you, or seem entitled.

It is not easy to break through the seeming paradox of driving results and developing future leaders.

Leadership is forged when the paradox becomes second nature.

Modern leaders take a hard look at their actions and how those actions affect others. Yet, the remnant neanderthal remains a challenger to success.

It lurks in the darker, ancient caves of the mind. It is relentless and single-minded, seeking one thing self-preservation and will dominate you when you let it.

Hidden behind passion and drive it cancels out your great work. It is over demanding, impatient and lacks emotional control. It is a poor listener, micromanages and is ineffective at interacting and building a team.

The question is, are you going to cage the neanderthal to engage the modern leader that you truly are?

Do you want to multiply your effort rather than block it? Are you the leader of leaders? The focus always begins with you before building a team, developing future leaders, and scaling the business.


George Rohrer


Executive Leadership Coach


I am an ally in your commitment to your leadership, your team and your organization.

Together we will engage the modern leader and cage the neanderthal in the process.

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