working together

How we work together

Most workplace conflicts erupt because one’s neanderthal rattles the cage of another’s.

You can meet challenges and avoid confusion by setting clear expectations and rules of working together.

Here are a few you can count on when working with me.

You’re already good now. You don’t need to be “fixed”. Coaching aims to engage the modern leader to get what you want.

You are in the driver’s seat. You are in charge of what we focus on and how we engage in it. I will keep us on track.

I pay deep attention. Blocks in progress often arise when the neanderthal takes control. When I sense there’s something under the surface, I will bring it into the light.

I will challenge you. You will get fieldwork: sometimes, these take the form of actions meant to challenge blind spots or practical experiments and go-dos.

Get it done. You are busy and you want impactful change. We will track our success along the way and course-correct when needed.

Show up. I assume that you are ready and committed to doing the work.

I keep things upbeat and casual. I believe that the best work is accomplished with a fun, easy-going, maybe even irreverent spirit. We can’t take the neanderthal too seriously.

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